Feral Cat Program

Pasco County TNR Program

Pasco County Animal Services is proud to offer an alternative to euthanasia for stray & feral cats! The TNVR (Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return) program offers sterilization and vaccination for stray and feral cats in Pasco County. Participants only pay $10.00 for sterilization and vaccination of feral/stray cats and the cats can be returned to their colony to live out their lives! 

 To Qualify:

  • Cats must come from Pasco County
  • Must be brought to vets office in a humane trap (cats in carriers will not be permitted)
  • Cats must appear to be healthy and be at least 3 lbs in weight
  • Participant must pay the $10.00 copay & reclaim the cat after sterilization

The TNR program is available at Planned Pethood Pasco. Cats can be dropped off Tues-Thurs between 8am-8:30am. Pick up is around 4pm.